Ashbrook Studio Websites

Websites that you can manage.

Ashbrook Studio build and maintain affordable websites for the individual, small businesses or small groups and organisations. We offer a service to train our clients to be self-sufficient. We can manage them if you’d prefer.

Need a website?

Frightened to have your own website because of the potential cost? Worried that any changes you may want to make will cost you a fortune? Been bitten once too often and now you are just too anxious to try again?

Well, Ashbrook Studio Websites will put you firmly in control with a website you can manage by yourself, with skills you already have.

Do it yourself.

We’re small business people ourselves and have built our own websites and those of our colleagues who have their own small businesses.

Nobody knows your business like you do, so we put you in control. We assist you to get it right and show you how to manage it on your own. Using skill that you already have, managing your site is simple. If you do need extra help, we will help but we don’t tie you into lengthy contracts.

Industry Standard.

In the last few years one platform has become the most popular for hosting websites across the world: WordPress. Many hosts offer it and it is free to use once you have paid for the hosting. There are also plenty of free resources that can be used to build and develop websites that are very easy to use and give great results. We build our websites using WordPress and hand them over for our customers to maintain should they choose to do so. If that’s not an option we will maintain them for you.


Mobile friendly.

One of the great advantages of using WordPress is that it has features built-in that make it both responsive and easy to use and maintain. Design and build a page knowing that it will be able to work on a desktop, a laptop, and tablet and a mobile phone.

Search Engine Optimised (SEO).

With the right construction your site will be optimised for searching. No need to pay for those who claim that SEO is a dark art. It isn’t. Build following good design principles and writing rules and your site will be right from the start. Start small and build gradually.

Your own PC.

Not only will we help you set up the website but you can manage it from your own PC, laptop or tablet. No need to spend hard earned money on new kit. All you need is internet access.

We won’t show you examples here of the work we have done because we hand over the running of the site to our customers. Therefore what you will see is what they will have achieved, not us.

Experience where it counts.

We’ve been working in graphic design, marketing and advertising for decades and there is one thing that is constant–the need for change and constantly keeping abreast of the new. Looking after your own website is a commitment but it brings great satisfaction.

Recent sites we have worked on building include Somerset Archaeological and Natural History Society, Somerset Dowsers and Somerset Garden Yurt & Gypsy Caravan

Go on…have a go. Or if you want us to do it, we will. Contact us now using our contact form.