Two students enjoying themselves
Two students enjoying themselves

Who are Ashbrook Ceramics?

We moved to Somerset and opened Ashbrook Ceramics to cater for the many eager people who could not find a suitable course to learn about pottery or to learn to throw.

The experience of running Saturday Ceramics at Reading College for several years guided us to offer those things that our students look for.

There are three wheels; a Wenger cone driven wheel, a Rayefco Fitzwilliam belt driven wheel and a Shimpo silent. They encompass the range of wheels that are generally found in potter’s studios.

Our kiln is a Potclays S39 top loader mated to a Stafford instruments ST316B controller.

We use Scarva Earthstone stoneware ES2 clay for most work and Potclays Raku for some handbuilding.

We offer a range of glazes for ourstudents.

Our main supplier is Bluematchbox of Reading who have always been at the top of their game when we have asked questions.